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PRO mobile services

Professional mobile services from team. Our project team includes a designer, creative director, JS & CSS developer, project manager.

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Best mobile experience

We use the best mobile practices & create exceptional mobile experience. And it’s not just how the mobile website looks, but rather how quickly a user will reach the defined goals.

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Advanced technology

We use JavaScript-adaptive technology and CSS3 to mobilize your website. Handmade custom prototyping & design.


Every website is supported: we don’t need access to your CMS, database, API or other internal resources.


Due to our professional approach & expertise in mobile technologies, the average launch time is only 30 days.

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Сайты, адаптированные по технологии, одобрены Google и Яндекс и помечаются соответствующим лейблом, ранжируясь выше обычных сайтов.

How we adapt websites


Website analysis

The process of building a mobile experience starts with desktop website structure analysis & use cases.

1 day

Navigation mockup

We create several navigation patterns, that suite your website goals & use cases.

2 days


We create prototypes of every single unique page of your website. This is how a sample prototype looks like.

5 days

Final design

Mobile website prototypes are carefully retouched for pixel-perfect result. See example.

2 days

Responsive CSS

We use Javascript-adaptive approach & CSS3 to adapt original website's HTML.

5+ days

Integration & testing

During this process, we integrate mobile website with existing CMS. We thoroughly debug & test mobile website to assure everything works as expected.

3+ days


All work is completed and the mobile website is ready for launch.

1 minute

Все клиенты Эскимоби получают три месяца премиум-тарифа от Яндекс.Кассы со ставкой 2,8%.

How we design mobile experience


Convert your visitors into customers instantly with click-to-call functionality.


Using access to native GPS feature, we can route your customer to the nearest office or show a list of all business locations & sort them by distance.

Web-app icon

A customer can add a web-app icon to the homescreeen that will take him directly to your website.

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Other services


We make a simplified mobile version of your website by adding responsive CSS styles only.


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Supercharge your website with an AMP version.


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Professional mobile version using JavaScript-adaptive technology. Custom hand crafted design and maximum attention to every detail.

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Create a mobile-friednly version of your website with online converter.


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